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Al Oerter

Al Oerter is the only athlete to win the same Olympic event four times in a row setting Olympic records each time. His Olympic ...

AL Oerter TV Segment

TV segment in relation to Al Oerter and his athletic/throwing career. Please enjoy this video!

Al Oerter - 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist in the Discus

Al Oerter won 4 gold medals in the discus at the Olympic games in 1956, 1960, 1964, and 1968.

2001 Al Oerter Interview

This interview came from the IAAF 2001 World Outdoor Championships. Please enjoy!

Virgilijus Alekna - The great Man !

With 73m88 Alekna is the second best discus thrower in history ! He is two times olympic champion (2000,2004), bronze medalist ...

Al Oerter

Apresentação de Bruce Jenner.

The DISCUS BATTLE of John Powell & Al Oerter in London 1982.

The DISCUS BATTLE of John Powell & Al Oerter in London 1982. (with interview Al Oerter). Thirth place Art Burns.

Discus Throw: Al Oerter technical analysis

I said that Al had rib cartilage problems in Mexico City. It was the 1964 Olympics that he had the problem, not 1968.


Cuadruple medallista de oro olimpico en lanzamiento de disco.

Al Oerter (USA) DISCUS 64.78 meters 1968 Olympics Mexico

Al Oerter (USA) DISCUS 64.78 meters 1968 Olympics Mexico Also his qualification and 3 throws in the final . Al Oerter (USA) ...

Al Oerter - Men's Discus - 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968 Olympic Games

Al Oerter Olympic Champion Men's Discus 1956 - Melbourne - 56.36 (184-10.5) 1960 - Rome - 59.18 (194-1.5) 1964 - Tokyo ...

Al Oerter Showcase Final Movie

Take a tour through cities around the world with the 2016 CRC Crew.

Al Oerter sets a new world record in discus throw at the International Track and ...HD Stock Footage

CriticalPast is an archive of historic footage. The vintage footage in this video has been uploaded for research purposes, and is ...


A Tokio nel 1964 Alfred Oerter vince il suo terzo oro olimpico nel lancio del disco con metri 61,00.

Al Oerter, 1960 Olympics

American track-and-field athlete Al Oerter won the discus event at the Olympic Games four times (1956, 1960, 1964, 1968), ...

Track & Field - Special - Al Oerter On Steroids & MLB - Salaries 1963 VS 1983

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Art of the Olympians and Al Oerter; Introduction: Al Oerter and Bob Beamon

Meet 4 time Olympic gold medalist in the discus thrower and artist Al Oerter and his new organization of Olympian artists called Art ...

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