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No Navi APU's in Sight?!

A little over a year ago a desktop roadmap revealing the codenames for upcoming AMD cpu families were leaked. Thanks to that ...

AMD Linux: Davinci Resolve

This is a rather quick video on how to get Davinci Resolve running on AMD graphics with the AMD Linux pro drivers for Kubuntu ...

Umezono vs. Hayao

Umezono (Chun-Li) vs. Hayao aka 880 (Hugo) Amazing skill!

Street Fighter Zero 2 SNES (Gen-Vega) Level 5

Street Fighter Zero 2 SNES (Gen-Vega) Level 5.

UZD Matches (#1) (Gen, Vega, Guy, Rolento)

DARK (Gen) vs. Shibaru (Vega), Kiyo (Guy), BaQ (Rolento) Ultimate Zero Direction 2003 (3v3 Tournament) ...

Semi News Tech-EP 1

Welcome to the newly created Semi News Tech series. Here I will be discussing tech news with a slightly distracted style.

AMD Radeon VII - Everything You Need To Know!

AMD's Radeon VII is almost here but we wanted to go over everything we know about this card before launch. Even after this ...

Gouken vs Ibuki, Gen, Vega 2013

3 matches consolidated to 1 clip feat : White gun, Hutch Prime, Rustymarko.

ALL Intel CPUs Lose How Much Performance?!

Discord Your older board may support PCIe 4.0, Intel CPUs get massive performance loss, Sony ...

SSF4AE2012 kiyotea (Guy) vs rosetukaidesu (Rose)

Ranked Match. Kiyo is the famous ALPHA player. He doesnt play on the XBOXlive so much, but when he does I will definitely ...

SF4 Cammy (faux123) vs Blanka, Gen, Vega and Zangief G1 Final

Here's another run from last night... Just come back from a 2 week vacation from SF4.... Really rusty play..

SFA3 - Guy (Kiyo) vs E. Honda (Rokkou Honda)

re-uploaded, hopefully it works better this time.

🤔Set up a custom coin watch list for mining? Absolutely!

Sub: | Learn: Setting up a custom coin watch list for mining? Absolutely! Evening ...

Best of the Best

match 1: Victoly[white Dudley] vs Kokujin [Pink Dudley] match 2: Mike Z vs Arnel match 3: KO vs Daigo match 4: Mike Z vs ...

3rd place battle - Slavi vs DNA pt2.mp4

Slavi (Zangief/Gen/Vega) vs DNA (Cammy). GameGuru opening party and Super Street Fighter IV Tournament.

Corrientes inducidas

En este video se muestra la experiencia de hacer caer un imán por un tubo de cobre.

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