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NASCAR '14 [Season 3] - Race 36/36 - Ford EcoBoost 400

THIS IS IT! The race for the championship is on. 4 drivers, 1 champion. Who will be crowned champion? Joseph Lombard, Jimmie ...

1/21/2013: The Funniest Vlog Video Ever?

Monday January 21, 2013: What turned out to be Zachary getting stuck in a laundry hamper, ended in chaos.

Ryan Sieg | Beyond The Wheel w/Joseph Lombard

Welcome to another episode of Beyond The Wheel w/Joseph Lombard! In this episode, I interview the driver of the #39 Lombard ...

OUR TOWN: Coach Joe Lombard

In "Our Town: Welcome to Canyon", Pronews 7's Lisa Schmidt features legendary Coach Joe Lombard. For more news from the ...


Friday July 27, 2012: Here I am talking about passing the Drivers Test and getting my Drivers License. I am now a new driver in ...

R.I.P. Dad! :'(

I love you dad. I'm going to miss you.

10/7/2013: Taco Bell and Dodgers

Monday October 7, 2013: Having some late-night Taco Bell and watching the Dodgers Game. I know this was uploaded a day late ...

Joe Lombard Retirement

Retirement announcement from Canyon High girls basketball Coach Joe Lombard.

Birthday Special for Joseph Lombard (N2SC4R) and Zachary Lombard (Magnum05)

Here's the Birthday Special most of you have been waiting for. For two of the greatest YouTubers I know who inspired me to come ...


Hey guys, Joseph Lombard here AKA N2SC4R. Just kidding! This video is really just about showing people that Lombard isn't ...

Joseph Lumbard: How should we read the Quran? A muslim perspective

How should we read the Quran? A muslim perspective by Joseph Lumbard, who visited Scene Humsam at University of Oslo at ...

Joseph Lombard at gone studio (part 1/6) "Like a Stone"

Sunday, ‎December ‎16, ‎2012 Other related videos from this set: Part 1/6 - Part 2/6 ...

COME ON!!!!! - Joseph Lombard 2019

Funny moment from N2SC4R's throwback stream on Crash Bash:

8/25/2013: Relaxing

Sunday August 25, 2013: I'm just relaxing by the pool on a quiet late Sunday afternoon.

No Quiet Time For Zachary | Lombard Bros. Shenanigans #2

Sorry Zachary. Check out our "Lombard Bros. Gaming" Pages: - Facebook: ...

Joseph VS. Zachary Episode 179 - UNO

This is episode 179 of Joseph VS. Zachary.

TALK SHOW #52 Lombard Dad

PLEASE NOTE: This is a business channel open for all ages. Please watch your language and behavior. We closely monitor this ...

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