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The Natural Award | MLB Swing | Tiffany Szemplinski

FITERNITY GYM's Tiffany Szemplinski in the batting cage. A pure natural.

Tiffany Szemplinski - CrossFit athlete from the USA

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Fit Women Workout 2019 - Tiffany Szemplinski CrossFit athlete from the USA! Part - 222

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Luke Kayyem interviews Meghan Sweet at the OPTathlon 5.0

Albany CrossFit: August 2011 Competition

Tiffany ripping through Fran.

Szemplinski War Grave Sleepyhillock Cemetery Montrose Scotland

Tour Scotland video of L. Szemplinski, of the Polish Forces, gravestone in Sleepyhillock Cemetery on ancestry visit to Montrose.

WBB: Nicole Capurso - Hofstra Hot Seat

WBB: Nicole Capurso - Hofstra Hot Seat.

Synapse Flashback to 14.5

A few flashback clips of 14.5 in honor of 16.5. GodSpeed my fellow Synapsters.

Albany, NY CrossFit Schewe Albany, NY CrossFit Representing Morning Mayhem!

Albany, NY CrossFit Pat After DT Albany, NY CrossFit Post workout, discussing experience at ...

Albany, NY CrossFit Winter Formal 2013 Winter Formal with Albany CrossFit and CrossFit Clifton Park.

CrossFit Open 16.5 (8:34)

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Thruster 95 Bar facing burpee Weights shown at end of video.

Albany, NY CrossFit Weightlifting: Mobility - front squats, pullups, pistols - Mobility at Albany CrossFit. Working on conditioning and strength with front squats, hspu, pullups, ...

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